Monday, April 02, 2007

Men at Work

Grandparents note, this is over, they did it, nobody got hurt, everyone is OK.Dave decided that we needed new wood on the patio cover, the old wood looked old. So they did it together.

Dad decided the height made him nervous, so he hired an assistant on the cheap. "Will work for donuts."

I remember renting an apartment, Mr. Do-It-Yourself-Home-Repair wanted more home improvement projects than a rental apartment allowed. He LONGED for projects! Then we bought a house and there were so many projects! He soon found out that the trouble is---you have to do the projects that NEED doing before you do the ones you're in the mood to do. That was then.

Now----you do the ones you are in the mood to do. You tell everyone that these are the most important and even if they don't believe you, well, YOU believe you! And the ones that NEED doing? You say they aren't urgent. Because they're not, not to you.

I planted new marigolds in the front yard. They aren't important, unless somebody wants to do a project in the backyard and doesn't want to hear about the lights inside that don't work. After all, summer is comming and who stays awake after 9:00 when the sun goes down?

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