Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rancho Suburbia

I have freesias bloooming in the back yard,

and by the side of my house.

Ant these little volunteers by the raised vegetable beds and by the lillies.

The volunteer bush that began to grow in the front yard has lilacs on it now. Good thing we left it where it wanted to grow.

I got some tasty treat for the snails this week and put it out in the front. They have had two days to enjoy thier last meal. Today I'm going to get more merigolds and try again!

Paula and Chica do a fair job on snails in back, but I don't let them in the front, too dangerous for chickens!

I want to plant sunflowers with my merigolds today. I had them there last year and really liked them.

Yesterday I planted two saucers of cat grass for Whiskers and Mary Shelley. It's just wheat, but cats like the grass. I just get bulk wheat at the feed store, less expensive than the prepackaged kind that has a picture of a kitty on the label. That should be up by Friday, and back up again on Saturday! (If you know what I mean)

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