Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Community Quilt

Here is the community quilt (that I posted a picture of on March 20) getting it's binding. Almost done. The label that Community Quilts attachedto it says "Guy's Churn Dash" but I thought it was a Shoo Fly block. I'm proabably confused.

I started to applique the mariners compass blocks to Karen's saddlepad, but it is way too heavy for the Juki TL. (that's the one in this picture)I'll have to get some practice in on the Juki LZ (pic on March 19) before I try that on it. I have some lightweight poly thread comming any day in the mail. I'm going to make some quilt pieces with muslin that I can wash and then sandwhich together to make saddlepads. Those panels should give me enough practice to work on Karen's pad.

I got some needles for lighter thread and the new bobbin case, so I'm ready to roll. When I have had even more practice, I will try out my new binder and my new hemmer.

In the meantime, I am way behind on my BTAE Spring Ornie Exchange!

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