Monday, April 23, 2007

Delectable Mount Madonna

Wow, it's been an while. A long space between blog entries could mean nothing has been happening to blog about, or so much has been happening that there isn't time. In this case, it's a little of both. A lot has been happening, but not much blog worthy stuff.

My Boy Scout went on a campout over the weekend. In Cub Scouts, the parents always went. One or the other or both. In Boy Scouts, the parents don't have to. Many do, as leaders or advisors, but mostly the older scouts help the younger scouts. Mine volunteered to be Grubmaster for two patrols. This sounds like a pretty big job for a ten year old. They decided on a menu and gave him $120.00 and sent him shopping. An older scout went on the shopping trip, I just drove and waited in the car. Everything went OK. I hear that the food was satisfactory. He should get a lot of things signed off in his book. Tenderfoot rank is next.

They went to Mt. Madonna, near Gilroy. It rained and was not very warm, but they survived. I gave him the 'I'm proud of you' talk while adjusting his neckerchief the morning they left. They always travel in uniform. I missed him and worried about him in the rain and was glad to see him come home. He spent the evening leaning up against me on the sofa, then fall asleep right after he went to bed.

I have ordered a lot of things from Carmen's Country Candles. I haven't seen any of the actual stuff yet, and I won't see most of it since it will be shipped as gifts. I sot SOME things for myself. Carmen was great to work with. I'm going to try and see if I can snag a picture and a link for you.

Link to Carmen's Country Candles wax lamp listing

I went to LAFS on Saturday. It's a Piecemamkers Quilt Guild sew-in on the 3rd Saturday evening of the month. There is a new applique bee, or club, starting so there were a lot of people working on applique. I took my Pfaff 100s and the parts of Delectable Mountains from the mystery quilt workshop I took at Fabrics 'n Fun in February. A Delectable Mountains quilt in two colors is not really my style, but I got some ideas....... If it turns out, it will NOT be your typical Delectable Mountains quilt. If it doesn't turn out, it will be stuffing.

To see quilts that arent stuffing, as well as some things stuffed with quilts, click here.
click here

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