Friday, April 27, 2007

I Have a Dream

After playing a road race game on X-Box and at Alberto's house on Playstation, every other word was Lamborghini. So, during last week's break from school, we went to the Bentley dealership in Los Gatos and LOOKED (but didnt touch) a couple. The pictures make it real and provable. We got a bunch of wallet size ones so he can put them in his wallet(that's why they are called wallet sized).

There were some Ferraris too.

Amazing! Ten cylinders and the same gas mileage we get in our big old Ford truck, but you can't fit near as many bales of hay in the back.

"What good is that?"


Just because your mom doesn't understand doesn't mean she's not trying.......usually.

Maybe when you get old, practicality takes over.

More than just for shoes.

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