Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mariners Compass

I finished these two recently, and got them on the Doublecatbatik site over the weekend. I wanted to try a mariner's compass, but thought these needed a corner design.

These are All Purpose. Riders know what that means, but for anyone else, this size/shape fits an All Purpose, or Combined Training saddle.

Combined training is a sport in which the riders and horses compete in dressage, cross country jumping, and stadium jumping. It's not a sport for the faint of heart, rider OR horse! The best saddle for dressage is very hard to jump in, and dressage in a jumping saddle is hard indeed. In a combined training saddle, they try to mix the two, making a saddle that is OK for both.

In the end, when riders and horses get more advanced, they need two saddles. And the combined training saddle? A lot of people prefer it for green horses because it is easy to take a more forward position, as well as a more upright position, as the situation warrents. Trail riders, both competitive and casual, often prefer it because they ride on variable footing and slope.

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