Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Post Post

This blog post is about a post. ooooo. cheesy. Couldn't resist.

This is the kitty we recently adopted from the shelter. She plugged into our household routine faster than I thought a cat could. And she seems very happy to be here.

I wondered how someone could invest 3 years into a kitty, including spaying, and then not look for her in the shelter when she turned up missing. Then I got my first clue: She is a furniture shredder.

The enthusiasm and persistance she displayed in shredding our sofa is unrivaled, except maybe by morphne monkeys pressing the button for more.

I went to Wall*Mart and bought this post, some assembly required. Whiskers loves her post. She sleeps at her post. She enthusiastically shreds her post. She thinks her post is the greatest thing since bread that needs slicing.

Our sofa is saved! What's left of it, anyway.

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BarnGoddess said...

I am giggling silly.

funny post!

We just adopted 2 cats.

Miss Kitty came from a kill shelter she IS a furniture shredder..luckily she is keeping it to the $17 wingback chair I was going to recover anyhow.

Marvin had to move because of an allergic baby, so all 17 pounds of him moved in last week. He has no claws, he cant shred but he tries like heck.

I posted about them today.