Thursday, April 26, 2007

they had a sale..........

Ebay had a sale on listings on Tuesday, so I listed something. Not because of an increased need to sell something, but because there was a SALE! Those sale genes come from my Grandmother Muz. Mostly they lay dormant.

Like Opus the penguin says: "Buy more and SAVE!"

This is a sweatshirt, size 2XL. It has never been worn, but is made to look old, according to the Primitive Folk Art style, referred to as "Prim" by artists and collectors.

You can veiw the ebay listing and read a more dtailed description by clicking here.

I have the shirts that need to be printed with the HIP HOP logo I designed for Ms. K's hip hop class performance. She really liked the prototype I made. It is screen printed, which is new for me. As you may recall, my new years resolution was to try a new material or process each month. Silk Screen was February, I think.

April's thing was water soluble resist, and I am working on a prim project with that right now. I may list it on ebay next time there is a sale.

To see the ebay offerings of other members of Beneath The Attic Eaves group of primitive folk artists, click on this house picure
click here

I have more sweatshirts made up. You can see them by clicking on this sign.

click here