Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter is Here!

Happy Easter!

This morning, a small but growing person got up, he asked "Am I having an Easter egg hunt?"
I reply "I don't know, ask Dad." Yeah, right, a notorius sleeper in, not an option.
"But... am I having an Easeter egg hunt?"
"Dad will know."
"But I already saw an egg....."
So, of course, I answer "So it's a dumb question then."
and we heard the woosh in the plumbing that indicates Dad is awake.
The hunt is on.
There are 46 eggs, 4 have chocolate, one has cat food, one has a horse treat, one has a rock, one has a screw, one has pennies, the rest have 110 arcade tokens, unevely divided.

I am participating in the spring ornie swap with BTAE. This is my ornament in progress. I am behind schedule. I am sending this ornament to Sheila of Primkinfolk.

Beneath The Attic Eaves is an ebay group of primitive folk artists. To see all that they have on ebay, click on this picture. Many also have ebay stores, so you can search that also. in the search, search for BTAE in ebay Stores.

click here

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