Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Community Quilts and Crickets

Hre are some pictures of the Community Quilt I recently finished machine quilting. I used my Juki TL98e.

Community Quilts is a program run by Piecemakers Quilt Guild volunteers. They plan the quilts and get members to help make them. Each quilt is the combined effort of many people. I took this one to quilt. The top had already been pieced, I just quilted it and bound it.

These quilts are made mostly of donated materials. They go out to the community through various organizations. They go to children removed from domestic violence, cancer patients, victims of disaster like housefires.

Milpitas Unified School District has spring break this week. After years of waiting for things to get back to normal, I realize normal is a myth. Every day is the same in it's unpredictability. Yesterday brought a trip to the feedstore for fly spray, crickets, laying pellets, sunflower seeds and a cat toy.

The cat toy was for Whiskers, but she knew right away that An-Jan bags often contain baggies of crickets. Live crickets. She loves bags of live crickets. So I distributed the crickets: six or eight for Liz, One for Whiskers, and the rest for Paula and Chica. Paula and Chica go bannanas when they see the cricket baggy. They peck up the left-over crickets at about two crickets per second per bird. The crickets don't have a chance. I got back inside just in time for Whiskers to throw up her cricket on the floor. I was ready for it, happens every time.

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