Thursday, July 19, 2007

Go here to see something exciting!

I was blog surfing just recently, like half and hour ago, and found this blog: Stitchety Grub

Her June 29th entry showed some projects that inspired me to do something. Something. Of course, I have to do something different. So I played with some stamps I have just made, on muslin. I haven't used these before, so I needed to test them out. They are planetary symbols. Click the picture to see it bigger on your monitor.

I had to dig out my paints, well, sort of dig, like they were all in the same spot. I thought they were, and they the same box together, but together with a lot of other stuff, just tossed in, right side up, upside down, sideways, buried in the pile as well as near the top. Well, now they are all together. just not put away all together. Out on the table all together. It's a start.

I want to try stitching these planet symbols, but the paint is wet. So much for being inspired. Inspired to wait. Inspired to try and figure out what I am stuck with in Myst III Exile, which is hard. Really hard.

Not inspired to find a nice place to put my paints away all toghether but neatly.


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