Sunday, July 08, 2007

Whiskers and Bentley in Milpitas

A box came in the mail, from my sister far away. I wasn't expecting a box. This was in it. It a salt and papper shaker set. The salt cat sits in a depression in the pepper dog and is helped to stay on by magnets. I love it!

The cat has this crazy wire whisker that is out of control. The actual resident cat Whiskers is often out of control too. she loves to play with those little plastic circles that come off the screw cap to gallon milk bottles.

I fell a little out of control today too. I spent an uncounted amount of time ironing thia morning. Must have ironed 20 yards of fabric.

I wanted to update my website and managed to move that off the to do list to the pending list. The programming is done, but there seems to be a problem with the server. It's happened before, never lasts long, and doesn't seem to impede access to my site from the web. Another one of life's things.

I have too many projects going on at once. To work on one, I have to move several others out of the way.I counted my Works in Progress this morning. There are 12. No wonder I feel like the salt cat.

The salt and pepper set crossed Darkfall in the mail. That's the role playing adventure game for PC that I sent to my sister and her husband. I had a copy for me too. I spent a lot of time on it. Time not spent finishing projects. I finally got through and saved the world for future generations. It took them a long time too, but they finished first.

And this was funny. I thought. Joseph didn't see why. We were getting in the car at the grocery store. He pointed to a car and asked what kind of car I thought it was. It was a nice car. It as a Chrysler, and I said so. Joseph didn't think so. We had to go for a closer look. It was, indeed, a Chrysler. Joseph had thought it was a Bentley. I told him my first big clue was that we were in Milpitas, home to many more Chryslers than Bentleys.

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Beth said...

Well, I found you!

Thanks for taking over Fiber Artists! Looks like it's being revived!