Thursday, July 05, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty

Isn't she cute? I was lucky enough to win her on ebay. So you can't have her. But you can have something else made by Michie. Two links below lead to her things.

She is 34 inches tall and will look perfect on my entertainment whatsit. I have this knarley high vaulted ceiling in my living room. It's a huge gaping negative space. I don't want to fill it with pictures like a wannabe museum, but I don't want it to stop suddenly at the top of the furniture. Halloween Kitty is perfect, she can fill some of the space and break the horizontal line.

Mykai Creations

Mykai Creations on ebay

Halloween Kitty is one of those things that I can't make. I can plan it, but the plans will snag and evolve into Something Entirely Different. Somebody else had to make her. I thought I found something last fall, but I didn't bid high enough. Rats.

On the other hand, while trying to figure out what I should try for July, according to the New Year's resolution, I came accross a group of fiber artists. It was not an active group. "Somehow" I ended up as moderator of the spectral group. Am I gonna get some action on it? Who knows! I should go surfing ebay and invite some people. Yeah, that's the ticket!

BTAE is having the From Under The Sea group launch on the 20th. Sounds far away, but fast approaching. It should be fun. Keep an eye out!

There is a game, Nightfall, that you can play on the computer. You walk around a haunted hotel and try to solve the mystery. I was doing much better on Nightfall than I did on Riven, but now I am completly bamboozled. I finally got into the locked suitcase in the attic and there was just a copy of the book War Of The Worlds, by H.G. Wells. I don't know what that means. I got Tim to come to the footbridge and I was hoping for a hint about the suitcase, but he just told me to jimmy it with the screwdriver which I had already figured out.

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