Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nearly Done

Here is the floor cloth ironed out. With this one, it is hard to see the difference in the picture betweeen wax and no wax. In person, it is easy.

The next thing to do with here is to finish it up, and then it will look pretty much like this.

I was playing around and made this. I don't especially like it, but Dave saw it and asked it I could make one for him, so I gave him this one. He said he wanted to put it in his office and brag. OK.

Denise has a friend visiting for the week. He is 10 years old. He and Joseph and Aaron have played together as much as possible. Between the adults, we ferry them around together when we can, in pairs or as a group. There is a lot of running.

They have also been riding. Derek rides Dodger on the lead, and Aaron rides Joker. Joseph has been riding Bear. He cantered for the first time and thought it was great. I saw him, he was catching six inches of air with every stride. Bear didn't like that so she put her head down and shook it. It wasn't a big move, but it convinced Joseph that trotting was really great.

I wish Janow was OK for kids, but he's not. Even at 18, he has too much go and not enough whoa. He also thinks it's funny to find out what his rider is scared of and then do it a lot. He is a nimrod through and through.

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