Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oceano Dunes

We took off last Sunday, headed for the Oceano Dunes. You can rent ATVs there, to ride on the dunes.

It was Joseph's idea of a great vacation!

At 11 years old, he was not allowed to ride by himself, so Dad was nominated to ride with him. Joseph had visions of going very fast, wind whistling in his helmet, catching air over the dunes.....

Dad had visions of funerals, one of which was his own.

When dreams became reality, putzing around on the flat at 4 mph while Dad recieved instructions on his ATV was loads of fun.

On the first day, Dad had to pull Joseph's ATV out of the sand when it got stuck due to insufficient speed. This happened three times. I had told Dad not to be worried that Joseph would do anything crazy. He talks big, but he is cautious.

After the second day, when they caught more Dune Action, Joseph came back in and said "Dad was even more extreme then me!"

Dad admitted to having more fun than he expected. Joseph proclaimed that it was as much fun as he expected.

Oh. and these pictures don't look like a bright sunny California beach because it wasn't. It was cool and foggy sweatshirt weather.

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SLORider said...

Hi! Wow! Looks like a great family time! Glad you were able to enjoy SLO County's most popular park--3x more visitors than Hearst Castle!

I'm a local resident--we're fighting HARD to keep Oceano Dunes open. Did you know that? The Sierra Club and others are working hard to put 2.1 million visitors back home from their vacations.

Please visit and join the forum their if you'd like to help. Or, contact me (Kevin) at for questions.

Hope you'll visit again soon!

Cara said...

These pictures don't show the crowds of vehicles around us. They make it look more secluded than it was. At the edge of the water there were two lanes of traffic, one going north, one going south, nearly bumper to bumper like 680 from Pleasanton to Fremont at 7:30am. And we were not there at peak hours.
If there are so many vehicles that the dunes are being destroyed, then their use must be limited. Sad, but true. It's not a SIM world and you just can't write it how you like it best, then start over if it doesn't work.