Saturday, July 14, 2007

Further Adventures of Floor Cloth!

I added more dye, so it would look more orangy and rusty. It's hard to guess how the color will look when it's finished, not the same as just the dye on fabric.

It's also hard to tell the contrast with the previous color because it looks darker with wax on it. So you have to guess, but you won't know the contrast because you lay it down next to already waxed areas. Then, the wax obscures it. So you don't really have and idea until you iron it. By then, you're locked in.

I worked a little on the Juki LZ today. It's out in the garage with the home gym. Unfortunely, there was a large dumbell sort of in the way, and I had to sit crooked, so I didn't work long. Why didn't I move it out of the way? It's a DUMBELL!

How much does it weigh? I asked.
"Anywhere from 155 to 195 pounds, and it's called a BARBELL!" So I had to wait 'til BARRY came home so he could move it.

So anyway, I worked on the Juki LZ and haven't been able to overcome the problem of the feed dogs pulling the bottom fabric through much faster than the top. I prepared the next piece with some Show Sheen: silicon spray like you can buy at quilting shops, but you can get a gallon for the same price as a few ounces if you're willing to live with the picture of the horse on the package. I don't use it on Janow. Working with someone who weighs 900 lbs is one hting, but working with someone who weighs 900 lbs and is slippery......

If that doesn't help, I have to do something with the feed dogs themselves.

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