Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wax On

I added another wax.

You can see how the wax makes the dye look darker. You get a better idea of the contrast in light/dark with the previous dye only after you put the wax on, when it is too late.

Once you put wax on, you can't dye that part of the fabirc. The dye just beads up on top of the wax, of course.

With all the wax on top, you can't see real detail or clear color through the waxy film. That is why it is always a surpirse at the end.

I have to find out more about my Juki LZ. I'm sure there is an adjustment or repair that needs to be made.

Fun fun.

I'm not going to the repair guy who told me I needed a new $1400 Consew when all I wanted was a bobbin case. He will tell me my 40 year old machine is worn out!

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