Monday, January 01, 2007

I made these

Here is a picture of the Christmas ppresent placemats I made for my mom. I couldn't post them before Christmas because she might see.

When I was there in Sparks at Thanksgiving, I noticed that the placemats she was using were some that I had made a very long time ago. It was kind of embarrasing because the work I can do now is so much better. They are quirky and cute, and I still like them, but the workmanship showed inexperience. Which is OK. But they were getting worn.

So I made new ones. She collects chickens, so I bought chicken fabric and made six. They are reversable.

I thought I had fabric for the binding and I cut binding, but it wasn't enough. So I went back to Fabrics 'n' Fun and bought a bigger piece of different print. When I cut it, it was still not enough. So three of them are bound with one red print and the other three are bound in a different red print.

The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby is comming up on Jan 13th. This is the last Pinewood Derby before our Webelos II steps up to Boy Scouts. Dave and Joe were busy last night making the cars they will race. They start with kits that include a regulation size block of wood and four nail-on wheels. They are each making a car, Dave will race his in the Dad'd division. There is an Unlimited division that Mom's and siblings can race in. Joe was trying to talk me into making a car for that. He was positive they could still get me a kit at the next Den meeting, which is tonight. I don't know if they really can. I know I can get one at the Scout Shop in San Jose and I might sneek down there and get one and make my car in secret and then just unveil it to them on the 13th. Surprise!

It can remain a secret because neither one reads my blog. The only person who would read my blog and blab will think about it and suffer a change of heart because if the blabbing happens, it will be acknowledgement that they acually read my blog. And that wouldn't do.

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Flimsy Sanity said...

Cute. I never get anything right the first time either.