Saturday, January 06, 2007

T-shirts(is there really an 'r'?)

I have played more with the shirt paint. I don't like the paint. All the colors I bought have the same value, even though I chose the colors for a wide range of values. I don't think the economy is warranted. I am going to try Jacquard, it is the top line. It comes in larger bottles so there is less loss with the dregs remaining inside that you can't get out.

My brain was spinning in circles all night over this. I am ordering a book from Barnes & Noble with a Christmas gift card. (really, this is and excuse to get something I want anyway).

I looking into silk screening,and it may be very do-able, and definitely fun. Fun is important. and not too expensive. The most expensive part is the squeegees, about $10 each, but for smaller designs, a regular kitchen spatula available from OSH might work.

Fabrics 'n' Fun may have some Jacquard, but they have been closed for inventory all last week. I don't know when they re-open.

Today is our family day, nothing else happens on Saturday beginning at 8:20.

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