Friday, January 19, 2007


Here is a 5th grade essay. Mrs. Maultsby has a class of 5th and 6th grade who are doing work like this, with a few exceptions.

Lessons to Learn, by Joseph Drouin

In life, there are many important lessons that can help you reach your goals, or just plainly help you. Three lessons that are important to me are somewhat from a book in “cheese” or regular form. The first lesson is “If you don’t change, you can become extinct.” Next, “Smell the cheese so you know when it is getting old.” Last, “Movement in a new direction helps you find new cheese.” The reasons these lessons were chosen by me will be told later.
“If you don’t change, you can become extinct” was chosen by me because I somewhat do change. There is nothing that will make me extinct as in the form of failing in school. To me, that lesson means, for example, if one fails in school a lot and doesn’t change, his/her life could turn out not the way he/she wanted it to be. There some people who don’t change. This lesson may change some things in life.
“Smell the cheese so you know when it is getting old” means to me that you should check on things. Those things could be toothpaste, shampoo, and other things you need in life. Plus, if something is running out, then, if one checks on it, they are prepared and don’t have to be without it for a time. This lesson may keep things you need with you at all times. This is an important “save it” lesson.
“Movement in a new direction helps you find new cheese” was chosen by me because if something is not working out, I just move on. If you sit around waiting, cheese will not grow legs and come to you to be eaten. Nothing will come to you, you must move on. With this lesson, nothing will get old and you will have new things. New cheese smells better than old cheese.
According to these three lessons, you can grow up to be a successful person. If you decide that your life should be easy, then follow these lessons. If you don’t follow these and other important lessons, life can turn out difficult. Life without important things like cars, food, and money is going to be almost impossible. Take my word for it.

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