Friday, January 05, 2007

legumes and tension

I liked the placemats I made for my Mom for Christams, so I decided to make some for myself. They are not done yet. I chose the fabric using my birthday discount and Fabrics 'n' Fun, and got started.I was going along just fine, but my thread kept breaking. I tried changing the needle, but that didn't work. I finally figure out that the Coats and Clark Poly-Cotton would loop wrong around the thread uptake arm if I went too fast.

So them I'm cruising a bit slower when I started to have thread tension problems in the Juki. I messed with it, but it did not help. Finally I had to admit that this happens when there is too much lint under the footplate. I took everything apart and cleaned and oiled it, then got a practice coaster to fix the tension because I had monkeyed with it before, so now I had to un-monkey it. So everything is going smoothly....when I run out of thread and don't have any nore of the right color. Rats.

As Barbi Breen-Gurley once said to me: "Life has things in it."

It has things for other people too. We were having meatballs for dinner, and I quickly 'waved some frozen mixed vegetables to go with them, since I forget until the last minute to even make a vegetable. Mixed vegetables- little pieces of carrot, little pieces of green bean, Lima beans, and corn. I told Joseph that Grandaddy always told us two girls to "eat every bean and pee on our plates" and I wanted him to do the same.
"Really, all of it?"
"Yes, I want you to eat every bean and pee on your plate."
He asked Dave: "Is she serious?"
I must have said it a dozen times. I wanted to explain, but Dave said he had to figure it out for himself. Joseph looked like his goose was cooked before he even knew he had a goose.
I said it a few more times.
He finally got it. He laughed so hard he almost blew the peas out of his nose!

Some of life's things are OK.

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