Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saddle Pad

I made this saddle pad for Denise for Christmas. It's just a regular State Line pad, but I added the embellishment with cotton fabric and poly pellon batt underneath.It's a modified Lone Star quilt block pattern. I changed the angle of each ray from 45 degrees to 30 degrees so that there would be three rays instead of two when I put it in the corner.

I worked more on the Andinka shirts. I am not happy with what I am getting. The paint is transparent so there is some show through of colors underneath that I don't like. Sometimes you want that, somethimes you don't. I don't want it for these. The paint I am using, Jones Tones, is a good value and is supposed to wash very well, and not to need heat setting. The problem is that the colors I have are all the same VALUE! I didn't buy a lot of color, but I tried to select a range of values. I learned a lot from talking to the people at Dharma, but they had a bit of a misconception of the scope of the project. I can see that, now that I see the limitations of the paint.

I have to find out what the time frame is for this so I can see how much time I have to mess around. I need to do some more research about products and methods. I have little experience with fabric paint and have not wanted to work with it much before so my resources are limited. Hmmm.....

I was awake for hours last night trying to figure out what to do next. Dave has declared Mastercard lockdown after Christmas. I don't know how I can get him to relax and get a grip, Christmas is like that. It doesn't matter how little you spend on it, if you celebrate with gifts, it causes an annual peak in spending. Especially with four December birthdays. I think they did that to Diane, gave her a chintzy birthday because it was December 31st and they had just mega-spent and mega-celebrated with Christmas. Dave said as much to me one year, "We don't have to get her anything big, she just got Christmas gifts." Then there was the year he said "We can just get her a Sears gift card so she can buy something for the boys."

If there were a way buying stuff for the shirts without putting it on the card, it would be OK, but my sources are all on-line and credit card is the usual currency. The other way is to drive around to places nearby. Fabrics 'n' Fun is very close and might have something, or know who would be a good resouce, but they are closed for inventory first week of January. There are probably a number of other places within an hour of the house, (not counting Michaels and Wal*Mart which have garbage for low prices)but I don't know where they are and I don't have the TIME, TIME TIME TIME! to drive around from place to place and look around and drive back to other places. Even if it didn't hurt to do it. Driving hurts the most.

Can you tell I feel stresed?

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