Monday, January 29, 2007

saddle pad quilts

I made these blocks to applique onto saddle pads. I like to decorate things that I use. Art on objects is more enjoyable to me than art on a wall. More than just walls should be decorated!

I made two for a black saddle pad and two for a white one.

The lighter ones, that I made for a white pad, were a little more work.
The background color I originally chose did not have a great enough contrast with all the petals. I saw this after I sewed in on, so I took it out and replaced it. Before I sewed the new fabric on, I realized that it didn't have enough contrast with the middle petals, so I added the red stripe. Done, Right?

When I took this picture, I realized that one of the top pale green triangles was on wrong side front, so I took it off and turned it over.

I think the lighter one would look fantastic on a grey or bay horse. The dark ones would really set of a good chestnut color. Maybe black or dark brown...

What do you think?

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