Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pyramid Lake

Finally! Here are some pictures of our trip to Sparks, NV.

This is Pyramid Lake. It's on the Paiute Indian Reservation. We stopped at the visitor center because we needed a permit to drive onto the reservation. Turned out we had to get it at the Nixon Store, but we got to see the museum.

Here is Joseph and me in front of the rock formation that the lake is named after. The rock formations here are called tufa.

There are lots of pictures here for Grandparents.

They had some great displays there, including some quilts. We met Ben Aleck, who went to art school in Oakland. I am in awe of people who went to real art school and was too embarrased to talk to him about art. I felt like such a bumpkin.
Ben told us about an exhibit of Native American art at the Wilbur D. May Museum in Reno, so we went there the next day to see Ben's art.

Joseph and Grandaddy by the lake. Amazing that a huge lake with clear water is right in the middle of a desert.
Us again, from the flip side. Most of the pictures make us look very very small. I felt very small.

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