Monday, August 04, 2008

The Perils of Pusher

Whiskers is waiting for me to return.

It's a nice thought, but not true. She just likes to see how small a place she can hide in. She's a cat. Except for 4am and 4pm, when I give out cat food, she probably does not miss me. Dave is in charge of playing and lap. He is still home, so she is fine.

Last night we went to Virginia City to see a melodrama at Piper's Opera House. The Perils of Pusher was presented my the Misfits. We had a great time. Pusher was the name of the town because it was at the base on a steep incline where trains would need and extra engine to push them up the hill. They sang "I've been working on the Railroad." I laughed so hard. Joseph was embarrassed.

When he was much smaller, he was afraid to go as far away down the hall as the bathroom. When I couldn't go with him, I would sing that song very loudly so he would feel like I was closer. Then he could go. Dave didn't know about this until when he was home one day and Joseph ran up to me saying: "Sing 'I've been Working in the Railroad.' I have to go to the bathroom." So I started to sing at the top of my lungs and Joseph ran to the bathroom. Dave was bewildered until I could explain. Of course, I had to keep singing until Joseph was done in the bathroom! Dave does not like waiting for an explanation.

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