Saturday, August 16, 2008

more pyramid lake

Here are more pictures from Pyramid Lake. I know my pictures aren't the best, but it was such a beautiful place I can't get over it. Who'd want to?
You can see the scale of the tufa formations in my picture with my hand. It is made by precipitation from calcium-bearing spring water in an alkaline lake rich in carbonates. Totally amazing.
We saw places where campers have vandalized the formations just to see if they could knock them over. Ben told us that the Paiute Tribe no longer allows camping there for that reason. that we are home, the routine is back. Or my frustration at the lack of routine anyway.

Dave and Joseph were browsing Craig's list for lawn tractors. They want to get one to drag stuff. Fine by me. I'm not interested, but I don't have to be. If they want a lawn tractor to drag stuff with.........Dave said to me, as they browsed, "There's free horse manure on here! They put a picture of their horse!" I replied:"We don't need it, we already have the expensive kind."

"You're not kidding!"
Joseph and I went to the library yesterday. He got another Calvin and Hobbs book, and a Get Fuzzy. I picked up Queen City Jazz by Kathleen Goonan that I started but couldn't renew because someone else had requested it. It was probably the person who was reading it when I requested it the first time. Two people fighting over the only copy in the Santa Clara Coutny Library System, it must be good. Now I can finish it.

I also got a book called Bride of the Fat White vampire: The Wedding is Going to be Huge, by Andrew Fox. The title made me laugh. I don't know what it is about. The title of Humpty Dumpty: An Oval by Damon Knight also made me laugh, so I checked it out too. Joseph was disgusted. Who goes to the library to laugh at titles of books? How embarrassing.

We are heading for Mt Hamilton again this weekend. Dave and Joseph want to work on the tree house. I will miss Janow. After being in Nevada for a week, I want to spend time with him. Until school starts, I get mostly weekends.
Next week we are camping at Half Moon Bay with the Boy Scouts. It's a family camp out.

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