Friday, August 29, 2008

new pads

I have three new pads to add to ecrater and

They are on, except for the ecrater buy buttons. I can upload that page when I get that done. It might be done by now!
DoubleCat Batik

Trotting Horse

I need to work on the running horses tank and iron those window shades some more! I need to clean up the batik table and get ready for that this weekend, if I can get the window shades ironed, then they will by polyurethaned out there too.

Now that school has begun, I have more time with Janow, horse of horses, AKA Lemon Butt. Tuesday, since Nancy walked him for me, I didn't need to exercise him. SO I let him out in the square turn-outs. I have never put him there since the fencing is not what I like and horses have been injured, but no other horses were in adjoining turn-outs to rev his engines. At 19, his engines don't rev by themselves too much. He thought is was pretty cool.

Yesterday, after about an hour and a half of stuff, I decided to let him out there again. I put him in a different one, but he was happy to go. He perked up when he realized where he was going. It was very hot, and when the sun started to get to me, I opened the gate and called him. He started to walk away. Fast! Not ready to go in yet!

And now that school is in session, I have to look up some grant info for one of Josephs teachers. ew.


Anonymous said...

Those saddle pad designs are beautiful! Isnt it fun to watch our horses at liberty in a pen, corral, or pasture? Tonight, i talked to my Okie as i was filling his water and he seemed to be very interested in what i said. Maybe i had carrots on my breath or something.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I like your fabric art and the idea of quilting patches onto saddle pads. I too quilt and own horses.