Sunday, August 03, 2008

batik window shade

This is a batik window shade I was working on while my computer was under the weather with a virus.

It's one of two that are still in progress. I'm making them for Maura and Jeff. When these are done, they can pick the one they like.
I was afraid to make one because it might have fated me to accidentally ruin it and have none.

Here it is after the first wax and dye application.

Right now, I am in Nevada, visiting. I put these pictures in blogger as a draft, and I just have to copy them into today's entry. That's OK since I could not make any entries for a long time while my computer was down. The pictures stayed stuck in my camera.

It is still in this ironing stage.

These are really interesting when they are lit from behind. I also made some Jack O' Lanterns on broadcloth. The Boy Scouts have a silent auction during the quarterly Court Of Honer awards potluck. The proceeds of each item go into the individual Scout Funds of each boy who bring the item. I haven't taken pictures of them yet.

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