Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pyramid Lake

We went to Pyramid Lake. It's huge! I couldn't believe there was so much water in the desert. No trees, very small bushes, almost no grass. Huge lake. I took lots of pictures, but you will have to wait until I get home to see them.

Living in the desert is different. It's very dry, so the air feels very soft. There is a lot of static electricity. While we were at the melodrama in Virginia City, I went to the ladies room. I plucked the tissue paper toilet seat cover out of the dispenser, but I pulled it hard enough to get it out, but failed to maintain my grasp so it went wafted through the air. I grabbed it easily and put in on the seat where it clung. It transferred it's cling to me when I stood up, so I plucked it off to send it down in the bowl. It did not go into the bowl, but clung again to the seat. I grabbed it off the seat to send it down and it jumped sideways and clung to the toilet paper dispenser. When I pulled it off the dispenser it jumped up my arm. I wadded it up and dropped in. What an experience! I felt like I was channeling Mr. Bean.

Yesterday was Paper Piecing Day One. I taught my mother to paper piece. It was hard, I was patient. She was pessimistic but she persevered. She started out by repeating that she could never get this! She ended up sewing away saying: "All quilting should be on paper, you can just sew on the lines." We made 14 flying geese units.

Today we continued paper piecing. It began with the knowledge that she remembered nothing from the day before. However, with me merely watching, she was able to get most of the steps the first time. She made 7 Economy blocks.

Tomorrow we are going to an art exhibit.

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