Saturday, August 09, 2008


We are home.

We went to the art exhibit at the May. It was all Native American Art. It was great. The Ben Aleck at the museum by Pyramid Lake told us about it. His work was in it.
The next day we went to the auto museum. Also great. The drive home was long and we arrived with a camera full of pictures and a battery that needed recharging. That is what is happening now. Recharging.

Janow is doing well, considering. Silver was glad to see me. I didn't know if she would be, or if I would be able to tell. It was pretty obvious. Whiskers showed me the pantry, and Mary Shelley took until about 2:00pm the next day to forgive me for going away.

While the battery is recharging, I can show you some pictures of the other window shade that is in the ironing stages.

Here you can see how it looked before I put any wax on. I put a few details in Shiva paint stick. The composition book shows some of my planing sketches.
This is after the first wax and dye.
Here you can see the back after I waxed it and dyed in again.

Now that I am home, I am back to working on the silk screens for the tank that Erica wanted. I don't have pictures of that because the camera battery is charging and the picture card is full. Wait 'til you see the pictures of Pyramid Lake.

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