Saturday, December 01, 2007

If it works for you.....

Today was almost fun. I was going to use it to re-group after a week that went smoothly only because our run-away sled did not hit a tree...a big one anyway. It tured out to be a re-goop instead.

The washer doesn't make a smell when it washes, which is good, but not. If it totally was NG, I would have to get a new one.

Then, again, United States Postal Service website works well for them. All the cancelled transactions I got when trying to mail the birthday present on Thursday? The post office didn't know they were cancelled and my credit card paid for them all. Even the one that worked. Of course, they report the website is fine, I should delete my cookies. Reminding you, one more time, that they are Government. Some things are constant, like Whisker's hunger.

This is my bathroom. There is another Dave story in here....tomorrow.

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