Monday, December 24, 2007

ad libidum

We three played Scrabble. Joseph wanted to play Monopoly but neither of us other two wanted to start something that was long and open ended. Scrabble ends when you run out of tiles and board.

We won on the game pick, so when Joseph wanted to not keep score and just go for using all the tiles, we agreed right away. In the end, we had to pool all the remianing tiles and just go for it. The last tile was the V in IV, which probably wouldn't be allowed, but it was the last tile!!!

Teck Deck is the lastest rage in the 6th grade at Pomeroy school. Joseph is teaching Dave how to do it. He thought the beanie might help.

And Mary Shelley, who usually can't remain in anybody's good graces long enough to get the camera out. She can't help it, she just gets so jealous!

Tomorrow is the big day that we have all been anticipating. We will compound our exaustion and high expectations with eating whatever we want, whenever we want, no rules. If there are any problems, we will blame it on each other, not suspecting the combination of fatigue and poor food choices. And we will look forward to next Christmas. Easy when Dec 25th '08 is so far away that it will never get here.

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