Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finally feels started!

I had already dyed the sweatshirt, three times as I remember, before I felt the color was right! I had made the text, which takes a long time, rather tedious, but handwork can be soothing. You must wait not only to need soothing but to have time to be soothed before you can get it done. Now I have started the collage/applique process on a new primitive sweatshirt and it is finally exciting.

So here is the first part sewn to the shirt. I used some 20 wt sulky cotton in variegated reds. If you click on the photo, it will enlarge and you might be able to see it.

Whiskers had to sit on it, of course.

I opened silver's cage this morning and took her out. She explored but stayed near the cage. She ate a romaine leaf in no time flat, while I cut a piece of plastic tubing to fit over the cord to my computer to make it chew proof. She has returned to her cage by herself. I will let her stay there until she feels more comfortable coming out.

I have done more work on my website, thanks to Ruben who gave me another idea to make it easier to use. He was at Peete's, complaining to Bob about having to use stores' web sites and scrolling forever to find what you want. Each page of my website has a thumbnail photo that is a link if you click it. You can go directly to the description of that thing with more photos. Now I have added links to go 'back to top' for each item. I think this is a big improvement. Thanks Ruben.

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