Friday, December 28, 2007

Wood By DeRaud

Every once in a while, you find something really exciting! This week I found THIS!

Look at these bowls. Wow. They are beautiful.

Just looking at the pictures make me want to pick them up. I can imagine how solid and warm they would be.

The man who makes these is Lee DeRaud in southern California, which is almost the same state as me, except southern California is always another state altogether. Not like here in Silicon Valley.

They are for sale, as are others. Lee has a store on ETSY, and a web site that should be up soon. Go and look at these bowls!

Today may not be a good day to buy a bowl, but bookmark his ETSY store in your favorites file.
For the future.

Just in case.

These 4 bowls range in price from $100 to $165. Very good prices for high quality collectable art!

Click here for: Wood By DeRaud

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