Saturday, December 08, 2007

Key Search

I have added new photos of the quilt Key Search to my website. I realize that the dimensions aren't given, so I have to look it up on the label, or unfold it and measure it! It's huge, so I hope I find the label!

Packages are coming in and going out for both Christmas and many birthdays. It gets hard to keep track of what is ordered and coming, and what has been ordered for someone here, or perhaps shipped in a box they got from ordering something else. I can't really complain, but it IS confusing!

Joseph and Dave got out the tree and set it up last night. Decorations are still to come. Mary Shelley, of course, was overwhelmed. She LOVES Christmas and is a veteran Christmas tree climber. Dave tries to foil her, which, of course, makes it even more attractive. I remember the year he put it on the coffee table thinking it would be harder to climb! She not only tipped it over, but it fell off the table! We don't use breakable ornaments, but I don't even have to say that!

click here
click on this sign to see the new pictures of Key Search in action, and to see the new Blazing Star saddlepad on the Horses page.

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