Friday, November 30, 2007

Hot Glue

I have one thing I finished day-before-yesterday, plus two done yesterday, that I need to photograph today. So, no pics yet.

Yesterday morning is when the glue came loose.

I have been going like crazy since Monday, in fact, I thought Wednesday was Tuesday and missed getting Joe to hip hop class.

Going like crazy since Monday........not the most recent Monday, but the one prior to that one. That was the Monday before Thanksgiving, in which two of the five days were half-days at school, I, as the non-working mom, did waiting and driving for kids. The week of Thanksgiving actually had three school days, all half-days, in which our parent/teacher conference was on the middle one of the three.

I had a Doctors appointment Tuesday that I forgot about until Wednesday, which I thought was Tuesday, and when I checked my calendar, I THOUGHT I saw it Next Tuesday, which is December. I was wrong.

Yesterday, I got a call about rescheduling an appointment I missed on November 19th, which I didn't even know I missed because I had written it down for Dismember 19th.

Wednesday, which I thought was Tuesday, I went to Borders Books with my BSA script that I ordered three weeks in advance, to buy a birthday present for my sister. Her birthday was Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving....last week. When I got to Borders, they didn't have what I wanted, but a copy was in shipment to the store from the 'supplier.' I couldn't order one because the 'supplier' didn't have any more. No, I couldn't reserve the one in shipment because they needed to put the entire order on shelf so it would be available to customers. Evidently, I don't rate the Customer title. I had to come in every day and check for it. When would it arrive? Good question, three days to three weeks. But.....the Fleamont store had one, they would hold it for me. It is against policy to ship items from store to store. So I drove to Fremont.

I have ordered a new cell because I am never home and need to get messages at least. We do not have a reliable message system at home. The operators do not think I could have a call of any importance and I often do not get my undated messages for days or weeks, if at all. The new cell was arriving on an unspecified date, signature required. Perfect for the person who needs the phone because she is never home.

So Thursday, which I now knew was Thursday, I wrapped and packed the gift for last weeks birthday and I was going to USPS click n' ship so I would not have to drive to the post office and maybe miss my cell phone delivery. If I did, that would mean I would have to drive to FedEx that night, in the dark, in commuter traffic, to get it in person.

After 30 minutes and 7 failures to process my order on two different credit cards, I was faced with a trip to the post office, followed by a 6pm trip to San Jose FedEx.

That's when the glue came loose. It was hot glue and it burned.

It was after that when the terrible smell like an electrical fire started to come out of my washing machine. I just unplugged it and made another cup of coffee.

Monday, I counted my pennies. One hundred. I get a scone. Maybe I can get it today!?

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