Thursday, November 01, 2007


Joseph carved this pumpkin himself.

I carved this one. You can easily see how I and clean and carve three Jack O' Lanterns in half an hour!

Here is Joseph with his Trick-or-Treat loot, sorted into piles. Dave took the picture, I was too sleepy to look and see just what his sorting criteria was.

There is Joseph, the hatchet slaying victim, in plaid. The last Halloween Parade of his school career. The last school year where you are glad your parents came. Middle School next year.

Halloween was the day after the earthquake, so it was the major topic of discussion in class. Sometime during the day, the whole class felt a terrible rumbling and shaking of the entire building. They dove under their desks, all 33 of them, proving they had absorbed the duck-and-cover instruction from the earthquake drills. It turned out to be the class next door, playing Simon Says as part of their Halloween celebration. "Simon says....stomp your feet."

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great mask!