Thursday, November 08, 2007

Load Up

I finally uploaded to my website yesterday! I do it at the beginning of each month, adding new items and writing a new introduction. It always takes longer than I think. I know it will take longer, so I wait until the last minute to do it, and then it takes even longer than that!

I added pictures of the floor cloths I made, but they aren't for sale yet. Maura and Jeff are due a housewarming gift and they get first pick.

The file sizes of the pictures here are small, but if you want to see them in great detail, go to my website by clicking on this sign. Those are big files, you will get a McGoo view that will show every speck. The size of each is also given there.

If you position your cursor over the sign and wait a sec, the words "click here" will appear. Then you know it is the right sign. Use the back arrow at the top of your screen to get back here.
click here

If you've never heard of floor cloths, they are becoming popular. Made of heavy canvas, they are used in place of very small rugs and inside as doormats. They are good if you don't have a lot of door clearance and they clean up with a damp cloth. small rugs and inside as doormats. Most, mine included, have polyurethane applied, giving them a texture almost like linoleum. Some of them have a rubber non-stick backing. I can that, but will wait until M and J have picked and tell me if they want it on theirs.

Most of them are painted. Mine are unique because I batik them with hot was and fiber reactive dye. The wax acts differently on the 10 oz canvas than on cotton broadcloth and the effect is amazing. I hope to more next summer.
I have to wait until summer because I do it outside to avoid breathing hot wax fumes. We get all of our rain in the winter here. Summer is usually bone dry. Snow is so rare that you can say it doesn't snow here.

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