Saturday, November 17, 2007

The back of the head

This fabric packet was my gift from my sister December '06, That's right, December '06! Packets like this are available in quilt shops and they make great gifts. You don't have to worry about choosing coordinating fabrics and there is usually enough for a project.

So I got this a year ago, nearly, and this is what it looks like today. It's really good quilt shop fabric and I like it. But I didn't know what to do with it, so I put it away. I've remembered I had it, and I figured that when the time was right, I would know what to do.

Well, yesterday, I was at the coffee shop and it hit me, right on the back of the head! Suddenly I knew what this should become! Now, where did I put it? It actually only took me about 90 seconds to find it. Anyone who has seen my sewing room would be shocked. It looks like it would take days to find anything in there, and half again as many to find your way back out!

After I left the coffee shop, I stopped at the library and started to find so many great books! Some days you just find more stuff you like. I was standing in line to check them out, my heart pounding in excitement. I thought. I thought some more and remembered back to ordering my decaf latte. I forgot to say "Decaf." My heart was pounding, but not with excitement.

But now it's the next day and I'm fine, and my idea for the fabric packet is still perfect.

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