Sunday, November 25, 2007

She's Still Hare.

She is. Still here, I mean. We posted the signs, and on Craig's List. Yesterday I contacted animal shelters and rescue groups, and posted a sign at An Jan. One thing I have learned is that many unwanted rabbits get dumped. More than I eve imagined. It's a real possibility that this happened to her. She is such a nice rabbit, I can't imagine that. I cried many times yesterday.

I emailed Chris, because he has a rabbit, and got her some Orchard grass hay, which she really likes. Joanne, of Save-A-Bunny Rescue provided a lot of information and is mailing a rabbit care info packet with instructions on litter box training.

This Thanksgiving weekend has proven what I already knew: holidays are not good times to introduce pets to the family.

So here is what's going on right now(sort of, like on Friday....
These are sewn on now, and the blocks have been treated with Granger's, which has to dry and be heat set.
It's dressage size.

This will be on a primitive sweatshirt.

And then there are more horse Ts. I have ten in different stages of not-done-yet.

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BerryPatch said...

Looks like a new member for the family zoo! Wanna see pics! Deb