Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a. Mountain b.Mole hill c.Ant Hill d. Not Of The Above

This has been my week so far and it's only Tuesday. I think. It is Tuesday today, right?

Today, riding Janow, he dove down and grabbed a buckeye and chewed it up. I thought they were poison. I jumped off and tried to look in his mouth and he spit a big piece out. So I dragged him to the wash rack and put the hose in way past his bars and turned it on hard. He must have thought I'd lost it. The person who is always too slow is hurrying him up and then attempting to drown him. Lots of bits came out.

I went around asking it buckeyes were poisonous. Three people more experienced than I am said they didn't know. Only one of them even knew what a buckeye was.


There is a buckeye tree on the ranch and nobody is concerned enough to know what it is. Probably not very toxic.

I'm not sure if Janow actually ingested any. Horses aren't very good at spitting. Janow is probably better than average. This is because he is not very discerning about what he eats if he thinks I will pull him away. He will make a dive for nearly anything. Sometimes he will pretend he is about to spook and then, when I least expect it, his head shoots down to grab a bite.

Janow is always shopping. He is at CostCo on Saturday when they have food samples at the end of every aisle.

One time he grabbed a big mouthful of stinging nettle. It stung him, or course, and the sensation was so overwhelming that all he could do was suck on it. He couldn't open his mouth enough to let it fall out. It continued to sting him while he sucked on it. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, but he was acting like a zombie. Then I noticed his mouth and I pulled his lips apart, but his teeth were clenched. I reached my fingers in between the incisors and the molars and fished out a big piece. Then I took him to the wash rack and hosed out his mouth. After that I made him a bran mash with anti-histamine.

Everyone said "Call the vet! Call the vet!" So I did. He told me that since I found the stinging nettle inside his mouth, the problem was clearly defined. He would tell me to do exactly what I had done if I hadn't done it already so he didn't need to come out unless I wanted him to.

Janow has a history of eating what he shouldn't. Horses really are people.

That quartersheet is for sale, Jnaow just had to model it. Janow doesnt have to wear warm gear now that I let him spend the winter in hair. He grows enough hair for an Austrian winter, but we live in Milpitas.

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BerryPatch said...

Janow needs a larger cover! His belly is showing! Sure not underfed!LOL! Deb