Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well, I did it. There were pitfalls. I overcame them. They weren't major, but little things, like buying a 1/3 yard piece fo tulle at Wal*Mart when they were remodeling the store and everything was moving around every day and the computer that calculates the price of yardage and prints up a barcode was not working. The math impaired cutter had to do it manually. One third yard at 77 cents per yard........

So here they are.

These are one inch charms. They were a free project from Fiber and Stitch. They were supposed to have gromets in them to string them together, but I didn't have gromets so I out them on magnets.

Were they worth it? I'm not sure, if you consider the end product, but they were fun, and I ordered Misty Fuse to make them, and THAT is great stuff. So learning about Misty Fuse and getting a feel for what you can do with it... That made it!

Our Boy Scout is still at Camp Winton and we havent heard anything. We would only hear of something if there were a problem. He wanted to do something called the Polar Bear Swim. First thing in the morning, they get on their trunks and go jump in the lake. Of course, the lake is in the Sierras and it's filled with melted snow......

I have never been in that lake, but experience tels me that Sierra lakes can be cold.

Very cold.

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MargaretR said...

You have done a great job on those inchies and what a good idea to use magnets!