Thursday, August 09, 2007

Aug 8 was messing stuff up on my monitor

This entry from July 8th was messing up how things looked on my monitor. I couldnt find any reason, so I deleted it and copied it here again.

No picture today. I have a really cool one, but it's in the camera and the camera is somewhere..... I'm sure......

I finally got to the Misty Fuse project I had wanted to do, but I don't like it. so I have to go to the store to buy something else....... I need some tulle. About 50 cents worth. Almost everything else besides the Misty Fuse came out of the Vintage Bin. You can bet bits of unusual fabric at yard sale if you buy used clothing. I try for 25 cents per garment. If I like it, I will go up to 50 cents.

I think I have some tulle somewhere. I just have to remember where. I'm not going looking for it. That could take days.

We went shopping for school uniforms yesterday. Just in time! We got the last four shirts and the last four pants in Joseph's size. Uniforms make it so easy, if you can find them. But it's true what I always suspected..... Boys uniforms run out faster than girls' because girls' parent buy them boy's uniforms. There were actually girls' parents shopping for uniforms in the boys department, and then I talked to another mom I know, and she buys boys uniforms for all three of her kids; one boy and two girls. Hand-me-downs are more possible and last minute morning problems can be sorted out better. The girls shirts have a little scalloped edge on the collar and the wastebands of the pants are lined with floral fabric.

Boys will not wear these clothes.

We went shoe shopping next. Shoes are not part of the uniform. 'No open toes' is about it. So we looked at the shoes, and I checked out the prices, then I stated a price limit that would allow him many choices of shoes but not allow an excessive amount of spending. The choice of shoes was about 75% of what the store offered. He was ennjoying making the decision until he found the pair that was far and above the most expensive pair at the store. Then.... no other pair would do. This is where, if not for uniforms, I would have asked him to trade some clothing for less expensive versions to make up the difference. But with uniforms, that doesn't work.

So, for now, we have no shoes.

We went home to pack up for Camp Winton. Leave Saturday morning, pack check Friday. And a long list of needs. So we decided what we need to buy, what we already have that will do, even if not officially sanctioned by BSA. A clothesline? Eight inch rope? We have that, but is it BSA officially 1/8 inch? No, but it will do. We'll shop for the things he NEEDS today. I will anyway. Alone. Easier.

He NEEDS a personal first aid kit. I can get one at Wal*Mart. They have tulle there.

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