Friday, December 11, 2015

Pirate Bun

I have adopted Kasey the Pirate Bun. I started fostering her for The Rabbit Haven in November 2014. She had a white bulging eye and so she was adoptable at the shelter.  A veterinary ophthalmologist determined that she had glaucoma and she had her eye removed.
Then she was spayed. She stayed in the living room for a long time. I didn't want her to go to a loud busy adoption fair with only one eye. Too frightening. So I waited for someone to be interested via the website.  
She couldn't even play in the living room because strange buns at large made Pierre attack Silver, who was very sick with kidney failure. We became very attached to each other.

After Silver died. I took Kasey and Pierre to a fair just so Ray could work with us and see if they could be bonded. Maybe, but it was not an ideal bond. armed with instruction and patience, I did it. It took five weeks.
Kasey now has the life I wished for her, bonded to another bun, and Pierre is happy again. Kasey is ecstatic to play in the family room and has adapted to the routine.

While I was bonding, I backed off of showing affection toward Kasey to help her look to Pierre for it. 

Now, Finally, two months later, Kasey and I can take up sort of where we left off. She has been so fascinated by Pierre that she really couldn't take time for me. Now she can. Bonus, Pierre wants more pets too!

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