Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jessica Rabbit, and others.

So there is a bunny in the neighborhood. We decided that we would just continue to watch the bunny. Now I am not the only rabbit savvy person doing it. That's a relief. This email to Heather sums it up:

I talked to you on the phone about a year and a half ago about a rabbit that was living in the front yard, in a home made cage, a couple blocks from me. I learned a lot from our discussion and decided that the best thing to do was to keep watching the rabbit and provide hay to prevent skimping to save money. I have refilled an empty water bottle more than once. I leave hay pressed against the chicken wire if it doesn't have food.

Cynthia Atayan, who lives very close, wanted me to tell her where it was so she could get it, but I wouldn't.

The rabbit, a Dutch, disappeared when the weather got cold and I was afraid it had died, but it re-appeared when the weather got better.

This year, the bunny is still outside. There are blankets and plywood stacked around the cage to protect from weather. So I told Cynthia the address. We are both making sure it has food and water. Sometimes they take down the boards and blankets so the rabbit isn't in the dark all day. We check and make sure they put them back up when it gets dark. They often don't.

Cynthia has an old laptop that she says she will trade for the bunny, taking her daughter with her in the hope that someone cares and will sell the bunny to a little girl. No one is ever home, or when they are, they don't answer the door.

Today there was still ice in the water troughs at noon. Single rabbits can survive this temperature, but not comfortably. I worry about frostbitten ears.

We don't know what to do. Can you advise?
Cynthia and I concluded that we would just continue to watch the bunny. Now I am not the only rabbit savvy person doing it. That's a relief.

I looked at Moo Cards. The basic card comes down to forty cents er card unless you get 500 cards. That's a crazy amount for me, Both the forty cents and the 500 cards. I think Vista Cards is better. About half the price. I still have to work on it. and then I have to make new art. New art has been a problem with first a sick dad, then a foundering horse, Then a new pony, then a sick pony. then another new pony who needed training and rehab. Then a sick mom. Then a sick mother-in-law. Then a second pony with a mystery problem that was hind gut ulcers. And building a house and new flooring in the old house.......

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