Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chillin' With My Poops

Here are my homies.

The rabbit around the block, who I have learned is Jessica, is still outside this winter.

The summer before last, I told Cynthia from Rabbit Haven about this little Dutchie. She wanted the address so she could steal it.

I called Auntie Heather and we talked about the implications of stealing or buying, and I decided it was best if I didn't do anything. It might motivate them to move the bun to the backyard where she could be more easily forgotten.

So I have just been taking them alfalfa pellet bags of orchard grass hay. The were buying the tiny PetsRUs bags and not giving her enough because its expensive.

Last winter she disappeared and I wondered if she had died, but she reappeared in the spring so I figured they moved her in.

This winter she is still out. They have piled boards and quilts around the cage to keep the weather out, but now she lives in the dark. So I messaged Cynthia and gave her the address.

I agreed to take her in if Cynthia could liberate her (and I would be in deep doo), so she went over to check her out. The owner was not there, just the room mate, so she was going to go back.

She is going to take her daughter and say her daughter wants the bunny and is willing to trade her laptop for Jessica. 

I am still waiting to hear.

I am wondering about a three-way bond. If Cynthia can get her, I should buy her a bale of orchard grass hay.

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