Sunday, December 27, 2015

Driving with Francois and Flikr

Last Wednesday, Francois and I hooked up Yndi and Pepper single. He drove Pepper and I drove Yndi and we went trotting loops around the hot walker and drain barrier in the lower parking lot. It was fun! Not being able to use the arenas at Indian Hill limits the opportunity to do circles and figures. Normally, I just stick to the roads. I didn't get any pictures.

Francois said Pepper was kind of spooky at things that shouldn't have bothered her, like changes in the appearance of the ground. He thinks it is training and wants to long line her tomorrow. I long lined her for a year already. I think it is lack of conditioning-when she gets tired or is pushed to the edge of her ability, then she looses confidence. This makes more sense to me. He has a strong background in Parelli Natural Horsemanship where the focus is on slow training. My experience is different. I learned at Jill Munro's that a horse with pain the inhibits their ability run from danger compensate by getting an earlier start; they are more on guard. With Roger Cleverly, who is more into conditioning than I am, or most people, for that matter, I reinforced my understanding that the horse must be conditioned to perform what you are going to ask of it. So, I think Pepper needs to be in better shape.

Yesterday I spent a couple hours locating old art photos and loading them to me Flikr page. I need to get my stuff up there and organized. I think that when I do, I can make a business card with my etsy shop and my Flikr account. I need to work on that today.

In the meantime: a rabbit photo!
Pierre with Alfalfa Cube

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