Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Here are some photos of our recent trip to Monterey.
We went there to celebrate Joseph's birthday. The main destination was the Prisidio Museum. That was great. It's an old cavalry installation. At one time there were 2000 horses there! That's a lot of horses. There were also a lot of cannons.
We spent a little time in the Maritime Museum, also great. We went on the beach for a while, but it was cold and cloudy. Joseph forgot to pack a jacket or sweatshirt, so I bought him a fleece jacket at a gift shop. We ate lunch at a seafood restaurant that assured everyone they served only fish obtained by sustainable methods. I guess I'm not the only one who won't eat fish because it is not sustainable.

Following the death of Chica(who as a breed and age that made her very susceptible to heat)I tried to get a new chick so Paula would not be lonely. After nearly a week of trying to introduce Audrey so she wouldn't get pecked to death, I got two more chicks. Maybe if Paula had to choose which chick to peck they would hang around long enough to not be strangers needing pecking. Chickens, however, are stubborn in their dim wittedness, and after another week, there was still too much pecking. All three chicks went home.

Joseph's birthday dinner, on his actual birthday which was the day before we left, was meatloaf. Both Joseph and Dave love meatloaf. Dave was going to do the shopping, so I said "Get ground beef for meatloaf." So he brought home a package that was just shy of one pound. So I made a one pound meatloaf. It was about the size of a St Bernard poop. Dave said "That's a small meatloaf."

Now I know the real reason Dave loves meatloaf. He thought it was my special method of morphing one pound of meat into two pounds of meatloaf. Two for the price of one. It was a tasty meatloaf and it cooked real fast in the oven.


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