Monday, June 23, 2008

Just another quick home improvemnt project.....

Here is a picture from Vertical Challenge, the helicopter show at the Hiller Aviation Museum.
There were a couple of other pictures I wanted to put here, but Blogger is having trouble uploading right now.

Yesterday we got Joseph off to camp. I went early because I had to give Janow some Isoxsuprine for his feet and break a $20. Joseph needed $34-$40 in small bills for camp activities and getting meals on the drive to camp and back. The treasurer adult hods the money and gives it to each scout as needed, helping them make wise choices. After I did these, I met Joseph and Dave at the place they were mustering. Joseph was wearing worn out sneakers, so I rushed him home to get his hiking boots. After that, everything went smoothly.

I have been a little unwise in time usage. I logged on to
test adventure games again. I haven't looked there in maybe 5 years or so. These are text based games, no graphics. I get into them easily and have wasted many hours on these in the past. There are new ones since last time. I am in one called Fantasy Quest II, which is supposed to be medium difficulty. I is not hard, probably because I am not stuck yet.

We went up Mt. Hamilton yesterday because Dave had to do something to the spring. I thought we would be there forever. He said it wouldn't take him long, but I know how these short little projects can stretch out for hours and hours. This one didn't! He was done faster than he thought he would be. Then we unloaded a bunch of stuff and put the new Ikea sofa together. We had to come home because Janow needed more Isoxsuprine.

I worked a little on a saddlepad and the pillows I am covering, then we went to La Milpa for dinner and came home to a movie. We watched Once, an independent film about Irish musicians. Chris, I thought about you and you might like it. It was a bit different but I liked it a lot. It was a totally different kind of movie from the last one we saw called Fool's Gold that was all big money Hollywood Glitz and action.

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