Friday, June 13, 2008

more misk

Still many many things happening at once.

I'm reading "Guards! Guards!" by Terry Pratchet. I really have a good time reading about Discworld.

We have the key to the chain on the gate and we are recorded with the county, so now we own dirt in the mountains.

We attended Joseph's 6th grade promotion ceremony. Dave was sad that the elementary life was over. I was happy to be moving on to a middle school Mom. Joseph was business-like about the whole deal, so I don't know how he felt. Probably a little of both. But....soon forgotten. The boredom of summer vacation began one hour later.

He's been practicing his skateboard.

I've been making saddlepads. Still progressing on the same 13, none finsihed yet. Finally got Google Shopping Cart in place. That was hard, my credit union was having a hard time getting me the info I needed.

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